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LCYC Clubhouse COVID-19 Protocols Phase II and III

As we navigate through this pandemic and boating season, be assured that the LCYC Board of Directors are actively working to provide a clubhouse that can be available to our members and create as safe an environment as possible.  Clubhouse rules will be laid out in phases and revised according to recommendations and/or order from the city, state or federal government and based on recommendations of the CDC and Minnesota Department of Health.  Current guidelines are based on the Minnesota Stay Safe Emergency Executive Order 20-56. Updates and additional phases will be posted.

In order to facilitate maintaining Phase I, II & III protocols, the club will provide the following: hand sanitizing stations, tissues and disinfectant located throughout the club, clear guidelines for hand washing and disinfecting areas around you posted throughout the club, no touch waste containers, gloves for placing/retrieving food from the fridge/freezer, and cleaning supplies.  The club has made arrangements for high touch surfaces and areas (including bathrooms) to be disinfected daily, Thursday-Sunday.

Thank you for your part in keeping our club safe for all.

LCYC Clubhouse COVID-19 Protocols Phase II

    1. Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds.
    2. All members are to practice social distancing within the clubhouse, including the bathrooms and shower facilities at all times.  Social distancing must be practiced on the deck.  Six feet minimum. 
    3. Using restroom areas: leave an empty sink between people, only one urinal should be in use, and only one person in the pass through area to the showers at one time. If sinks or stalls are occupied, please wait outside the restroom until one becomes available.
    4. Inside and outside clubhouse:  Limit groups to 10 or less in any one area, practicing social distancing.  Only members of same family/boat should share a table. Outside: larger tables may have six members of household/boat and round tables may have four members of household/boat. Inside: tables are limited to twol people due to space constraints and provide for social distancing.
    5. Do not move furniture, it has been placed to allow for proper social distancing.
    6. Do not move deck tables.  When adding chairs to tables, please return chair set up according to table markers when finished.  Club chairs may be moved to the grass area to sit six feet apart. Return chairs to deck.  Extra chairs are stacked to sides of deck.  Remember that placing chairs in a circular set up allows more to gather and stay socially distanced.
    7. Face coverings offer additional protection.  Social distancing must be practiced even when face coverage is used.  Members desiring face coverage should provide their own.
    8. Avoid congregating (with social distancing) near entrances and general pass through areas.
    9. Disinfect the surfaces you come in contact with after each use.  It is recommended that you assume the person before you did not disinfect the area and also disinfect before using high touch areas
    10. LCYC social events resume with COVID-19 adaptations.  BOD will decide which events will remain scheduled or canceled. Calendar revisions will be posted on website, face book and sent via email.  COVID-19 guidelines will be provided for each event
    11. If you, or other household/boat member, exhibit symptoms of the coronavirus, or discover you have been near someone with the virus, contact a LCYC board members the clubhouse can be completely disinfected
    12. Regarding inside tables, for parties larger than two, please use tables next to each other without moving them. For tables at either end of the club, a third chair can be added at the end of the tables, please return spare chair to the stack when finished.

    LCYC Clubhouse COVID-19 Protocols Phase III

    Kitchen Partially Open

    LCYC COVID-19 Protocols Phase 2 Remain in place

    Phase 3 is the opening of the kitchen for limited use and  the final phase of the 2020 season

    1.    Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before using the kitchen.  If you touch your face or anything else, please wash your hands again.
    2.    Face coverings should be worn when using the kitchen facility.
    3.    No cooking using stoves or ovens.
    4.    Microwaves and toaster may be used.
    5.    After using appliances, clean thoroughly with disinfectant.  Allow disinfectant to dry before closing doors.
    6.      All dishes and utensils that you used/came into contact with must be washed, dried and put away.*  If your dishes do not fit in the dishwasher, please start the dishwasher and wash your remaining items.  PLEASE do not leave items you used in the dish drainer for someone else to put away.
    7.      Please be aware of dishwasher and put away clean dishes if the cycle has finished and you are using kitchen.  (THANK YOU!)
    8.      Disposable, commercial towels will be provided for washing and drying of dishes and utensils.  Do not use the linens.
    9.    Wipe down all surfaces when you are finished.
    10. Gloves are provided if you prefer to continue to use them for storing or retrieving items in the fridge, putting away clean dishes, or any other tasks in the kitchen.

    *The dishwasher is the best way to sterilize dishes and utensils, however, it takes a community effort of making sure it gets turned on (when it is mostly full, doesn’t have to be packed full), and that it gets emptied and contents are put away.  There is no one person in charge of this task.  If you see it needs doing, please do it.  Thank you.

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