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1st Dock Party

  • 19 Jun 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • 900 Dock

Dockarona Guidelines  (aka Dock Party Guidelines) 

1. Food or Beverage - If host boaters choose to provide food or beverage, it must be factory/store packaged and individually portioned (think grade school treat guidelines). The general rule is to plan on 40 portions.

• Due to the pandemic - please feel free to bypass providing food or beverage for the guest dock members if you are not comfortable doing so.

• It will be appreciated if host boaters would put out a hand sanitizer with their food item.

2. To best allow for social distancing and traffic flow, it is recommended that host boaters greet guests from their boats or finger docks, if possible or comfortable.

3. Walk the dock single file using the "right hand rule" of traffic.

4, Do your best to social distance and keep crowding to a minimum (please make sure others can pass). 

5. Wearing of masks is encouraged, but not required (especially when eating or drinking!).

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